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Cultural Contact Point Grecia (Irini Komninou)

Irini Komninou: Cultural Contact Point Greece - Hellenic Ministry of Culture - EU Directorate

The Greek CCP has existed since 2000 with the launching of the Culture 2000 Programme. Its seat is in the European Union Directorate of the Greek Ministry of Culture, which gives it the potential to have direct access to a lot of cultural operators, within the Ministry or elsewhere.
Permanent activities of our office are:
  • providing assistance to people applying for funding through the Culture Programme 2007–2013,
  • hosting information seminars and networking events throughout the year, thus assisting the Greek and European citizens to work trans-nationally across Europe and establish connections and partnerships,
  • helping interested parties engage in collaborative projects with colleagues elsewhere in Europe and in third countries.

2010 activities

During 2010, the Greek CCP has tried to expand its range in a series of ways. First of all, it has launched a new Database, which has recorded as many as possible cultural organisations. The goal has been to continually expand it. At the same time, an e-mail list has been created with all these cultural operators, so as to distribute information on programme calls to prospective project applicants or to foreign organisations seeking information. This way, a wide audience has been reached and some of them have found opportunities for collaboration elsewhere in Europe. However, the most important thing for us has been that CCP has been known to a lot of possible applicants and a new era of communication has been launched.
At the same time in 2010 the Greek Ministry of Culture has created an Official Register of the cultural organisations all around Greece, so as to get to know how many they are and to be able to offer its funds in an objective way throughout the country, according to the principle of openness and effectiveness. The Greek CCP has direct access to this cultural database and its foreseen activities are announced in the Ministry’s special web page, so a wider audience is automatically reached.
Following these two very important infrastructure activities, two special Infodays and one workshop for the public and private operators have been held, with great success. During these Infodays, our office realised that, although the Programme is generally known, it is not as known as we would like it to be, that is, to all the cultural operators in Greece. Moreover, the majority of our national cultural organisations find it difficult to seek partners around Europe, although there are special tools for this, provided by the EACEA and foreign CCPs, and, more important, they are not so willing to engage in an unknown way of being funded. A lot of them have stated that it would be easier to enter a collaborative relationship as co-organisers or associate partners than become the coordinators of a project.
So as to make collaboration easier and more accessible, the Greek CCP has planned some joint activities with other CCPs, in Greece and abroad.

2011 Planned activities

The Greek CCP has foreseen some activities so as to promote the Programme but at the same time to enhance the contact between the Greek cultural operators and the ones abroad. Thus, a big Infoday, which will be held in June in Athens, with the cooperation of other CCPs, and the support of the EACEA, has been planned. In this way, the Greek cultural organizations will have the chance to listen to some foreign experience related to the projects funded by the Programme and, at the same time, to receive information by the representative of the EACEA.
However, the main reason for organising an Infoday with other CCPs is to get the national organisations think in a more “European way”, in the sense that they will start seeking collaboration with foreign cultural operators, not only to join the Programme but also to make bonds stronger with colleagues abroad. The European culture is a good which has to be shared, since it is what defines us as European citizens.

Greek cultural operators funded by the Culture Programme 2007-2013

During 2007-2010, a lot of organisations, public and private, have been funded by the Culture Programme. A closer look at the list of the Greek funded cultural operators shows that some organisations have applied and funded more than once, which is indicative of the fact that the Culture Programme experience is a positive one and partners are willing to do it again.
Examples of such organisations are the “Benaki” Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, “Anemon” Productions, The Centre for Development Studies “Prisma”, the “Isadora and Raymond Duncan Dance Research Centre” in the Municipality of Vyronas, the Music Ensemble “En Chordais” and the Veria Central Public Library.