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Cultural Contact Point Ungheria

In Hungary the office of CCP is a part of the national cultural event organising company (Hungarofest) which a kind of background institution of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.

Our office is situated in the heart of Budapest, therefore can be easily accessed. We are at the applicants’ disposal during the whole day, in at least 9 hours. About the most popular strands we hold infodays, with many (more than 100) participants on them. Now we are planning the infoday of literary translation strand.

Our office deals with some other tasks too, next to the CCP-work. This year Hungary was the guest-country of the Italian "Premio ProArte” Prize, whose Coordinating Committee chooses a partner year by year, in 2010 this was our country. The aim of the Premio is to give help to cultural projects of young people between 18 and 35 years of age.

The Committee expected applications from Hungary and Italy. In Hungary we organised a press conference and collected the applications. The Prize now has had its final award ceremony in Rome. There were 3 Hungarian winners, whose projects will now be taken up by ProArte organisations.

Our other task is to manage the European Union Youth Orchestra auditions. We are now working hard on this issue.

About the outcomes of Culture Programme: Hungarian applicants are the most successful in every year in literary translation strand. In this strand the results are the following:


As for other strands, there are Hungarian winners in them as well, they can be find in official statistics, but we are especially proud of the results in literary translation. Hungarian applicants seems to be very receptive for all kind of information about Culture Programme so we will organize general infodays when we will present the Programme itself. On these events people from every corner of the country are participating. I suppose that one of the main reasons of these great successes is that every possible applicants are ready to get into new experiences and apply for sources from the EU. We try to make as much connections betweeon ourselves and other EU-offices as possible, and give advises outside of Culture Programme too – e.g. for people who are interested in some other European Cultural issue.